Loural Village

House Rules

Welcome to Loural!

We hope you feel integrated in Nature and with the local people, in a warming and familiar environment. We wish you to be part of the local environment and connect to the people that live here in the Serra do Açor.

Loural is a village conceived to provide you Time; time for yourself, to feel, think, time to enjoy the silence and serenity of the mountains, of friends or family. Time to talk (don’t be shy; most people speak English), make new friends and broaden your knowledge.

We hope you’re affected by a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. In consequence, we recycle as much as possible and try to always use local resources. At Loural, we avoid the usage of any chemical products and in March 2016 we built reed beds for the purification of the village’s waste water, making our village more independent and sustainable. We would appreciate very much if you support our project by using eco-friendly products, such as shampoos and lotions.

The heating of our houses is produced by the wood burning and we use the thermal power to produce energy to warm our water, making Loural a self-sustainable hamlet. We also work on the regeneration of our lands, without the usage of any chemic products or pesticides. In your hikes around Loural you’ll be able to see several permaculture practice examples and you will find a large variety of plants and animals, among which many butterflies, dragon flies, salamanders and mammals.

Even though we love animals, we don’t allow pets inside our houses. We are also careful not to smoke inside closed areas, or have outside open fire during the hot seasons.

Our days start as the sun rises, the best time to have a walk around, practice Yoga or even meditate.

To make your experience in Loural the most enriching, we provide a library in Casa da Figueira and at our reception. You’re very welcome to read our books; we ask you only not to take them out of the village.

The pool is open from dawn to dusk. It provides a magnificent view over the mountains and it’s a good spot to relax and cool down. Let us just remind you that we also have several wonderful river beaches that deserve your visit.

The local manager can tell you about short-distance hiking trails and different activities you can experience in Loural and our region. Feel free to address her with any questions.

In the end, we wish only that you become a part of our vision and that Loural provides you with good memories about the days that you Live here!