Loural Village

‘Alma d’Árvore’ Multi Purpose hall

At this moment, rental at Loural is not possible. We are closed for rentals in 2021.

The Workshop hall has a surface of 88 m2 (6×14.6 m), with a fire place and a beautiful and inspiring view to the valley, the terraces and the chestnut forest. In the same building you can find two bathrooms (ladies and men) with each two toilets and two showers. These can be used while the workshop takes place, and also by visitors staying overnight in the workshop hall. Cubicles and several shelves in the staircase and hallway area provide space to store personal possessions, jackets, shoes etc. The cubicles cannot be locked. The building has 4 entrance/exit points at two levels. At the side of the hall there is a small private terrace. All lights in the workshop hall are dimmable. Depending on the type of workshop, furniture can be placed.