Loural Village


Public transport from Coimbra to Gois


The bus stop in Coimbra can be found in front of ‘train station Coimbra A, at the taxi stand’ (do not confuse this station with ‘Coimbra B’ where all the ongoing trains Lisbon<->Porto stop). There is a small ‘shuttle train’ between the Coimbra B and Coimbra A stations. Take a Transdev bus to Góis or to Pampilhosa da Serra. Be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before the official departure time! On public holidays and during school holidays, fewer buses are scheduled!
If you head for Pampilhosa da Serra, ask the driver to drop you off at the junction on the N112 to Colmeal. It is a 45 minute walk to Loural (mainly down hill), or arrange for a taxi (your cost!).

Public transport from Gois to Loural

Since January 2017, a daily bus service of Góisim (a cooperation between the Góis council and the Transdev bus company) stops at the junction to Loural. Buses depart from 13.00 until 17.30 hrs from Góis. The service depends on the day of the week, and there are fewer buses during school holidays. NB! Some buses will not go beyond Colmeal. The Loural busstop is called ‘Loural’, and you’ll need to request the driver to stop there. It is a further 1,2 km walk on the unpaved road to reach our village.

Taxi (Gois based: Raúl Brito tel. 966215429 / 235771103 ; or Colmeal based: 968025438)

Average fares: Gois – Loural 28 Euro ; Coimbra – Colmeal 65 Euro; Colmeal – Loural 9 Euro; Colmeal – Arganil 25 Euro

Long distance bus: Rede-Expresso buses – www.rede-expressos.pt (operate Joalto services)


Portuguese public holidayswww.worldtravelguide.net/portugal/public-holidays

By car from Lisbon to Loural:
Take the A1 north direction Porto. After about 1 hour, take the A23 to Abrantes. After 15 minutes, take the A13 direction Tomar. Follow the A13 for about 30 minutes until the exit IC8 to Castelo Branco. Follow this until a the exit N2 Pampilhosa da Serra/Pedrogão Grande. Follow this N2 for 1 hour until a T-junction (do NOT turn right to Pampilhosa da Serra while on the N2). At the T-junction, turn right on the N112 towards Pampilhosa da Serra. After 20 minutes, take the left turn to Colmeal/Aldeia Velha (stay left, do NOT go to Fajão). This small mountain road leads you to the top of the mountain in 1 minute; a wonderful panorama! Then descend for about 20 minutes until the small playground; do NOT take the right turn into Aldeia Velha, but continue to the right turn entry towards Loural – see below.

NB! The entry to the last 1 km unpaved path to Loural is on the M543-2, exactly opposite a small children’s playground. This exit is a 10 minute drive up-hill from Colmeal, or, coming from the other direction, a 10 minute drive downhill on the M543-2 from the Aldeia Velha exit (Góis, Coimbra region). Do not take the turn into Aldeia Velha from the M543-2; instead, keep going down hill for 10 minutes on the M543-2 until the entry (on the right from this direction) to Loural.