Loural Village

Eco village guided tour

Eco-village Tour (3 hours)

Join us on a walk around Loural Village to explore the self-sufficient and sustainable systems in operation here. Together we will look at the ‘reed bed’ system which cleans our waste water; the composting systems which turn our food waste into soil; the areas used for growing food and medicine, including raised beds, the herb garden and food forest; and the systems which provide Loural with its heat and energy.

This is a nice way to learn more about the place you are staying and it will provide you with an opportunity to answer and questions that you may have about ecological sustainability at Loural Village.

This tour is provided by a local guide.

Price & Details:

  • €25 per person or €60 per group. Groups can be a minimum of 3 adults and a maximum of 7 adults. After this, an additional charge of €10 for each extra person applies.
  • Up to 2 kids (under the age of 16) can attend the walk for free, per group. Any additional kids can attend for €10 each.
  • Please book a session through Ines and indicate your availability (time and date).
  • Please let us know if you are bringing children so we can prepare for this and please note that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Please wear shoes that you feel comfortable walking in.