Loural Village

Loural – Village for SALE!

Our wonderful village Loural is for sale, and we are inviting those who are interested in the position of taking over from us and becoming the new owners of this wonderful secluded and yet modern place. We are inviting interested parties to view this site for a good impression of all the opportunities the village and the surrounding land offer. This is a project for those who value Ecology, Nature, Communal space, who have opportunities to invest time and means, and who can fit their dreams in a sound business model. During the transition process, we are not open for rental. At this moment it is not possible to book with us. We are inviting you, when you have a serious interest in taking a next step towards a life in Central Portugal, to contact us for further information on the progress in the sales process. Tiana and Francisco

Loural Attractions

The Houses in Loural

Casa Hélios

Casa da Figueira

Casa do Céu

Casa do Orvalho