Loural Village

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Loural is a sustainable ecovillage attracting those seeking an intimate experience with nature and a desire for human expansion and transformation.

We achieve our vision by facilitating workshops, retreats and by living and working together in and with nature, in a way that promotes personal growth and a sustainable way of living.

Loural will become a home for some, and a place to return to for many of our guests and visitors. A balanced blend of permanent residents, volunteers , eco-tourists and local ‘Sunday afternoon’ family visits will support us in acquiring resources, skills, knowledge and an economically healthy system. We aim to serve as an example of how a more eco-friendly and human-friendly way of living can be practiced. Communal spaces, including a restaurant and large workshop hall, form the heart of the communal activity. Scattered around the alleys are the houses, the camp site and the constructions supporting daily life and all the further activities in Loural.

We observe and give full attention to the nature of Loural; it is the greatest asset we have and which will enchant many who visit Loural. Guided by permaculture and holistic principles, we aim at linking in to the existing natural surroundings, and connecting all our needed inputs with produced outputs. We work with solutions that support our self-sufficiency and sustainability, for instance by obtaining required knowledge, replanting the original forest and filtering our waste water with reed beds.

Establishing and maintaining good connections with our neighbors and working together on a small scale; using local (labour) resources and local companies fits well with our aim to build up resilience, become part of the local life and connect to the cultural heritage of the Serra de Acor area. The village will serve as an example of a small scale mostly self-sufficient community, where sustainability and care for the earth are practiced. The residents of Loural will live in a community surrounded and supported by nature, in peace,serving community and nature. Loural in its entirety as village, project, community will positively influence people to make lasting change in their perspective on life.

Watch this 6 minute Video on Loural made by the Portuguese TV station TVI24 in January 2015: